The Model Adviser LIVE (TMAL4)


Here's my latest Model Adviser LIVE Q&A session on Instagram you guys. Watch it because I'm sure you have some of the same modeling advice questions.

By the way, "TMAL" = The Model Adviser LIVE

Click play and watch it now!

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The Model Adviser LIVE: Instagram Q&A and Modeling Advice (REPLAY)


So lately I've been trying to give modeling advice to my email subscribers and social media followers by doing live Question and Answer sessions.

I'm calling these sessions "The Model Adviser LIVE". Also known as "TMAL".

So anytime on Instagram or in my emails you see me mention TMALs or The Model Adviser LIVE, pay attention because it means you will have the opportunity to talk to a modeling industry professional for free.

I initially tried to do these TMAL sessions on Facebook Live but that didn't work out so well. I also tried Youtube Live but that didnt work so well.

What I have found works the best for these modeling advice sessions is INSTAGRAM LIVE. You can watch the replay of my second Instagram LIVE session by clicking on the above video.

So for the near future, I will be doing all The Model Adviser LIVE sessions (TMALs) on Instagram Live. I will try to do at least one per week, but no guarantees. 

After the session is over, I will also try to upload it to my Youtube channel...

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