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MODEL ADVICE: Why You're Not Booking The Job

Uncategorized Dec 30, 2018

Why You’re Not Booking The Job

As most models know there’s competition galore when it comes to booking a job, and when you don’t book it or even get a call-back to what you thought was an ideal job for you, it just plain hurts!

A lot of models have been there. You finally get a big casting from your agent or from something you’ve submitted yourself on. You knew the job description was absolutely perfect for you! Everything on the job break-down screamed you. Your age, height, hair, skin tone… Even the product you loved and used personally! You eagerly go to the casting, and you rock it! You walk out of the casting room smiling, knowing they loved you. A small part of you might have even been thinking everyone else waiting to be seen is wasting their time. You have this one in the bag! Or so you thought.

So why didn’t you get a call-back? Why didn’t you book it? You saw all your competition at the first casting. You knew they didn’t fit the job description like you did, so what happened?

Often times we convince ourselves that we’re the perfect fit for a job based upon the break-down we’re sent. The truth is, there are many, many reasons why you didn’t book the job, and it doesn’t always have to do with the way you look. In recent times social media has become a huge factor to why models get booked or not. I always tell my models and students that they need to think of Instagram as their online portfolio or their “business card”. If your social media isn’t professional or if it’s full of lame party photos where your ex-boyfriend is flipping on the camera, you probably going to lose the job. Modeling jobs/contracts these days are full of social media claws. The brands looking to hire the model wants a professional who has a reputable-looking social media account. Truth is, the follower count doesn’t necessarily always matter, but professionalism does. Do you think you or your parents would get a job at a fortune 500 company with a sloppy resume or portfolio? Of course not, so why do you think you’re going to book the job with a sloppy IG account? Think about it. Modeling and social media go hand-in-hand. I have seen many models lose a booking to another model, even though they were truly more ideal for the job, just because their Instagram wasn’t as strong as the other models. It’s true. Don’t underestimate the power of a great social media account. If you need my personal help, click here: Custom Instagram Supercharge

The good news is you’re in charge of your own brand and social media and can update it as soon as today. Use only your best photos, don’t post photos that aren’t part of your brand (no one cares to see a photo of your 2006 Honda Accord unless you’re a car lot or car blogger), stop posting Snap Chat filtered photos, make sure your default photo shows your face, post regularly, and interact with as many Instagram accounts in your niche as possible. It’s very important for quick growth! If you need inspiration, look at your favorite model’s accounts. What are they posting? Learn from them. Obviously they're doing something right!

If your Instagram is already lit, but you still didn’t book the job, don’t worry! Sometimes the company decides last minute they want a brunette instead of the blonde they originally requested to see, or curvier now instead of thin build. It could be any change. It’s also possible the job never even shot and no one booked it. You’d be surprised how many times jobs never happen, but you didn’t know about it. Just make sure you continue to read the job break-down, dress the part, always be on time, and don't lie in your photos! If you follow the simple tips, trust me, you’ll book!

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